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The ultimate door opener

‘I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened and I’m not afraid to look behind them.’

Elizabeth Taylor

I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m on the last legs of completing a refurbishment project that seems to have gone on for ever and the door knobs have finally gone on the doors or because I’m someone with an extra helping of curiosity, but when I’m out and about I often stop in front of a property and wonder Who lives in a house like this? I find front doors that create an eye-catching entrance are a magnet that deserve a second look. Exuberant entryways make the case for a standout design with extra curb appeal for passers by, visitors and me. As my imagination takes me inside.

Door furniture

‘Be an opener of doors’

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Once inside there are so many elements that create #househarmony every budding developer, property investor or homemaker should pay attention to. Often its the little things that make a big impact. Something as humble as a pretty door handle or knock out door knob can add a great deal to a room’s design. 

Stylish handles are a highly important feature to any interior. According to  Vincente Wolf  in  Architectural Digest, door handles are as important to an interior as shoes are to an outfit. And according to New York based interior designer Young Huh ‘door knobs are “the jewelry” that can add style and sparkle to any space to complete the look.’