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One in a Hundred

F : Entrepreneur celebrates the dynamic and inspirational businesses led by women in the UK. Last year they launched the #ialso100 campaign. A Hall of Fame of 100 female founders who were recognised for their inspiring stories, business journeys and the multi-dimensional, fast paced lives they were living to the full. I was in awe of every single one of the class of 2019. Many I had the good fortune of meeting and getting to know. This year I’ve joined the class of #ialso100 2020 (

They went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes’. Imelda Marcos

Lorraine’s Shoe Collection

You could say I’m the Imelda Marcos of Streatham. Because I have a shoe closet full of shoes (and handbags). And I step into a carefully chosen pair to match an outfit and an event. I also (you can see the inspiration behind the name of the campaign) step into so many roles over and above my role as a Property Developer. I’ve said ‘yes’ to additional commitments because they touch my heart, feed my soul or provide me with a route to putting something back. I believe you rise by lifting and inspiring others. Always have. This post is for all of those of you who also step into many shoes and are making it their goal to be in the #ialso100 class of 2021. 

Lorraine the Property Investor

For the last two years, I have run View From My Window A property investment and development business currently developing a £3.1m project and smaller residential projects with my business partner Delores. It was born out of a belief that ordinary people can dream big and lead the lives they want to lead. Right here. Right now. 

Previously privilege would stop many who did not have access to funding, big accountants, lawyers and financial advisors. Now I believe the only thing that can stop you is you and the fear of failure.  

Through coaching, mentoring and joint venture partnerships, I provide the confidence, tools and techniques to step into the world of property with very little or no money. 

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Lorraine’s #ialso life (a tiny tiny snapshot)

Before starting my property journey I said goodbye to marketing and business development ( ) and my very decent salary working in major law firms in the City to care for my father who was suffering with Parkinsons and Dementia and earned £62.50 pw on a carer’s allowance.

I used that experience to help others. To be honest I never felt richer with the blessings that came my way from taking that action.

#ialso was invited to join the Lambeth Carers network which feeds into writing the mandate to shape the provision for Carers in Lambeth.