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Precious Wealth Conference

Investing in our Future, Securing our Legacy.

Are these even things we think about when we are counting pennies in the supermarket and looking as the dial whizzes around our utility meters?

Well they may not be high on your priority list at the moment but are definitely worth thinking about now so it doesn’t become over-whelming as the years tick by.

I’m delighted to be speaking again at the Precious Wealth Conference this year and it promises to be golden. Packed with gems, information and inspiration from investing in property to art and much more.

Have you secured your ticket yet? Join us on Saturday 27 April 2024 at the University of Westminster for an exciting and empowering event. The Precious Wealth Conference is a day curated for women about demystifying wealth creation, securing our financial legacy, and shaping a prosperous future.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out on your wealth creation journey, this conference is designed to provide you with the practical knowledge and actionable steps to take control of your financial future.

Invest in your future, Don’t miss out on this incredible event! Book your tickets now by clicking on the link below. Secure your spot and join us for an empowering experience and embark on a journey towards securing your financial legacy.

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