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Property with Purpose


Property is not the preserve of the rich and well-connected, or at least it shouldn’t be. I am on a mission to get people into homes that wouldn’t normally be within their reach. Call me crazy, but I believe that everyone, whatever their income, deserves a decent roof over their head. Here’s what I do:

Property mentoring

I have learnt, the hard way, how to be a success in the property world, so join one of my mentoring programmes to benefit from all that hard-earned wisdom. I save you time and money and give you the confidence to make the right decisions, accelerating your progress.

Developing homes for first-time buyers

I’m proud to be making new, affordable homes accessible to first-time buyers. My latest development, Fountain Gates in Croydon was built on reclaimed land and provides homes with Help to Buy.

Housing disadvantaged young adults

Buying and renovating houses, along with my business partner and Step Ahead services, I provide decent and stable homes for disadvantaged young adults often in the care system, helping them find their feet.

Property management

I also offer project management and coaching for your short-term property projects, as well as helping match partners for joint venture partnering.

What drives me

I’m a big believer in doing what I can to help lift others. On a mission to be a positive role model for young people, I’m showing them what can be achieved if you are determined. Starting out I had zero property experience, didn’t come from a wealthy background, or have connections. Yet now I’m an award-winning property entrepreneur with a portfolio of properties and an ambitious development just round the corner from my old school in Croydon – and I couldn’t be prouder.

Latest Blogs

How do you define richness? Is it diamonds and pearls? The company you keep? How many properties you own? The location you live in? Your profit?
How you live your life? Your faith?

Wishing you all a week full of richness.💛

Photo from First Friday lunch at @sistersnog. Check them out if you want to find one kind of richness!

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Really wonderful to be part of this campaign for UK Department of Business and Trade @uktrade and Small Business Saturday @smallbizsatuk 💪🏽

Great advice offered from a range of small businesses. You’ll have to wait/swipe ➡️to the end to hear what I have to say 😜

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So pleased to have sat next to @simona_hub_dot pictured here with @jessica_huie_ at the wonderful Precious Awards a couple of weeks ago.

It resulted in me attending her fabulous online event last night and gaining lots of insights into her inspirational business community.

@hubdot is on a mission to create connections and a community through storytelling.

Great speakers Lania Fricker, Caroline kay and Chris Oh thank you for the opportunity to share my story too.

I eagerly await the next event.

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#collaboration #connecting
#collaboration #lorrainemyview #community

I can absolutely see why serviced accommodation/Airbnb works as a property strategy for many investors. Short-stays premium rates!

Had a great time with my school friends at this one in Saffron Walden this weekend.

Is it a strategy that you’ve considered?

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It’s always a pleasure to be around inspiring likeminded property women. Great evening.

Thanks for the warm welcome @Gunnerscooke @ringleysurveys @octanefinance

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