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Property with a Purpose


Opportunities do not come gift-wrapped. Of course, it would be nice if they did. Many believe they never come at all except to the lucky few. But I believe we can all make our own opportunities.

I grew up in a household that believed in saving for a rainy day, not spending or investing. And let’s face it, there are many rainy days in England. Life in the safe zone… Safe it may be, but there were no thrills, no excitement. I could have steadily plodded along this way forever… safe …comfortable. A grey safe boring life.

But I learned I had to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I saw the possibilities to change my future. I took a leap from business development for the legal sector, to property development for myself. I learned to negotiate, buy, build, renovate, manage, develop and sell properties. My world took on its own colours, and I have chosen four of these to showcase my brand.

Last year Lorraine joined the F:Entrepreneur #ialso100 2020 – A Hall of Fame of 100 female founders who were recognised for their inspiring stories, business journeys, and the multi-dimensional, fast-paced lives they were living to the full. To find out more click here.


Lorraine Thomas is a giant thinking, risk-taking visionary. She took a leap from a successful career in business development for the legal sector to property development for herself. Not a path she chose. It was a path that chose her. Today she’s on a journey where others are welcome who want to maximise bricks-and-mortar opportunities and realise the view from their window.

Over half of the investment property that Lorraine is renovating at present has a social element attached to it. She is a strong believer in helping young disadvantaged adults get on the ladder and have a decent place to live. That basic need of shelter is key to development and stepping up. Lorraine with her business partner focuses part of her business on renting solely to young people at an affordable rent to give them a start.

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