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Commercial Acceptances lends to ‘View From My Window’ enabling the next generation of developers

Commercial Acceptances (CA), one of the UK’s leading providers of short-term property bridging finance, and part of the FTSE 250 Close Brothers Group plc, has agreed funding to Lorraine Thomas and her company View From My Window (VFMW) to assist a collective of young developers with their maiden residential development project – a dilapidated four bedroom property in Croydon, South London. ….read full lender article

The loan of £325,000, including a £50,000 build fund was agreed with CA’s existing client, Lorraine Thomas acting as joint borrower and guarantor. It enabled the young developers (Shelley Ann-Meade, Melvin Appleford, and Rochelle Cox) to begin their first project with VFMW, who renovate and restore existing properties, before selling or renting them on the private market