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FAB COLLAB A new book on collaboration becomes a best seller.

Fab Collab, a new book published this week already reaching bestseller status, shares how collaboration among businesswomen drives success.This book takes the reader on a captivating journey through collaboration, sharing the processes, the magic, the opportunities, and the pitfalls.

Written by 15 successful female entrepreneurs, each sharing key learnings and experiences of using collaboration to grow and develop their businesses.

The authors are all members of the female business club, Sister Snog and were gathered together by founder Hela Wozniak-Kay.

Hela said, ‘If you want to go fast in business, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Collaborating with others is essential to grow your business.’

The Book Midwife, Mindy Gibbins-Klein guided the group. ‘I had seen how these women had collaborated to build their businesses. So, I knew this book needed to be written to share inspiration and knowledge with other businesswomen everywhere.’

The book clearly defines that collaboration with others is a more effective and fun way to achieve business success.

Fab Collab delves into the dynamics highlighting the key elements that fuel innovation and bring ideas to life. Readers will discover the importance of trust, communication, shared vision and mutual respect to support them on their collaboration journey.

The book takes readers through a journey covering –

– Defining true collaboration.

– The essential ingredients for a successful collaboration.

– Using collaboration to develop and grow a business.

– How to achieve success through collaboration

– The long-term success that comes from collaboration.

More women than ever are starting new businesses. According to the Rose Review Progress Report, over 140,000 female entrepreneurs started businesses in 2022.

Fab Collab was released at a pivotal moment. There are increasing numbers of women starting a business, and this book will help them to explore the opportunities open to them and be inspired by women who have successfully collaborated.

The perspectives and insights in this book are a valuable addition to anyone in business and will help develop this necessary skill.

The book launch held on the 29th Floor of Guys Hospital in the Robens Suite was attended by 150 people with speeches, insights and entertainment from an all-female choir, ‘Lemon Tuesday’.

Lucy McCarraher, owner of Rethink Press who published the book said ‘We are passionate about increasing the number of books written by women, this is a fabulous launch for a brilliant book which is not just a practical guide but a source of inspiration’.

Local businesswoman, Lorraine Thomas was one of the authors. Lorraine is a property mentor, developer, and landlord with a social purpose. She rents to those disadvantaged. Her mission is to create a new breed of landlord who put people before profit. Lorraine said; “this is no ordinary business book. It’s so much deeper than that…” The chapters include lessons for life not just business.


Notes to Editors

– The book was published on 22nd May by Rethink Press, and it reached number one on Amazon in 3 categories.
– A PDF copy of the book can be sent on request.
– Photos and additional comments can be supplied on request.

Hela Wozniak-Kay Tel: 07714 218699
Debbie – Tel: 07795683598


The fifteen authors are:
Tracey Barr –
Elena Brennan –
Bina Briggs –
Victoria Burt –
Henriette Danel –
Falguni Desai –
Debbie Gilbert –
Mary Gregory –
Enfys Moloney –
Andrea L. Richards –
Bonny Snowdon –
Jade Thomas –
Lorraine Thomas –
Lisa Webb –
Hela Wozniak-Kay –