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Finding My Voice Podcast Ep 3: Learn, Earn and Own Property

Podcast episode graphic of speakers.

Flattered to be called a Magical Mavern!

Loved talking to Stacia Keogh, @storystacia about my what I do, why and how I am helping others do the same.

This conversation took place on International Women’s Day. We also discussed: what I am doing to engage people in something I am passionate about – equality, with The Business of Black, on Clubhouse.

As well as the day in the life of a property developer/mentor/landlord housing young and vulnerable people – no day is the same – and my plans for future builds. I have learnt a lot in my developments up to this point and I am looking to focus on a greener, more sustainable project next, built with community and net zero in mind.

‘‘I know I’m an expert at what I do. Why am I an expert? Because I’ve made so many mistakes. There’s no greater expert than the person that’s made so many mistakes. They then become an expert because they’ve made every mistake going.’’

Listen to it here.