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The Precious Wealth Conference

The Precious Wealth Conference again this year was fabulous.

I had the pleasure of gracing the main stage alongside other informative speakers.
Shakaila Forbes-Bell, an award-winning author, explored the impact of wardrobe choices on social bonding and wealth creation
Felicia Flinders provided expertise on proactively managing pension contributions.
Colette Machado discussed personal finance, offering guidance on tackling debts, managing financial risk, and planning for an abundant future.

Fabulous workshops:
Ekua Cant delivered a live LinkedIn workshop, sharing useful tips and actionable takeaways on how to make the most out of the networking platform.
Sherece Rainford, founder of Art Gallery OCA, discussed investing in art for future legacy and reconnecting with Caribbean heritage, supporting the success of UK black artists.
Camille Johnson who expertly spoke about stocks and shares
Andrea L Richards shared her expertise on clever accounting

Huge thanks to the wonderful host Michelle Grant.

I started my presentation by getting the audience out of their seats. I invited them to dance until the music stopped and then change seats with no time to sort their belongings before finding a totally different seat – leaving everything behind.

Although fun the exercise had some serious messages behind it. The most important one of which was: Be prepared! It’s essential not only with property to know how you will leave your assets and to who.

Thank you Foluke Akinlose MBE FRSA for inviting me back for the third year running. It was an honour. The audience were awesome!

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