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Featured in Metro published an article recently that I was asked to comment on, titled: ‘Why Black women don’t get to be the main character – even in their own stories.’

As someone who has constantly wrestled with thoughts stemming from Imposter Syndrome, it breaks my heart that the narrative for so many women of colour is still the same.

We still don’t see ourselves as the amazingly talented leading ladies we are in our lives.

This is an incredibly powerful narrative to rewrite; to put ourselves first.

We need to make peace with the tumultuous feelings that arise when thinking deeply about what it means to be a champion for ourselves. How this mindset could shift the present dynamics in our life that feel comfortable, or at least familiar.

Change, even if positive, can be a scary thing but change can also mean a lovely, new thing. An upgrade, that new chair, those new shoes. Change can be a lot of things. It can be accidental; it can be on purpose. Ultimately, it is inevitable, so why not steer where you can, as best you can.

I don’t have all the answers because I am still learning every day how to change the narrative too, but I think now is the time to take up space.


Take up all the space you need in your life.


Thank you to Natalie Morris for reaching out on such an important topic.

Read the full article here:

Why Black women don’t get to be the main character – even in their own stories