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Young People and Property

To be frank, today’s present property landscape is a steeper climb for the first-time buyer. Add to that, being 21-28 and disadvantaged.

“Since 1997, property prices have increased by over 173% in England, whereas real incomes for 25-35 year old’s have increased by just 19%.” -Apr 2021

And as of 2007, the age of the first-time buyer has increased by over six years from 28 to 34.

I purchased my first home at 22. Imagine if I had no way of getting there until I was 34 plus.

Frustration would have killed me. That is why we need to help this generation as much as we can. Be that by providing financial education, property education or mentorship with a mentor that shares mutual vision not just a manual. 

What will it take?

Well. More than limiting takeaways to Friday and taking the bus to gather a deposit. That will help but it’s not enough. We need more affordable housing and homes with Help to Buy. We also need the Government to have another look at stamp duty capping and access to real deal first time buyer mortgages.

A study published in Oct 2021, of 2,000 adults aged 18 to 29, found more than half (55%) would be happy to move to a less desirable location if it meant they could own their own property.

Are you willing to release your tight grip on what your first home needs to look like? E.g. Would you move up North away from all your friends down South or vice versa?

Would you be willing to compromise? Does it have to be a penthouse, with three bedrooms, each with an ensuite? Or can it be a one bed studio to get you of the ground?

Would you be willing to purchase with family members, friends, or acquaintances?

Would you be willing to?

Help available

There are actually special mortgage schemes for young people.

These include Lloyd’s ‘Lend a Hand’ mortgage. No deposit is required. Rather, a family member puts 10% of the purchase price of your home into a 3-year fixed-term savings account.

Barclays offers the Family Springboard Mortgage. Where you are able to borrow the full purchase price of your home, because your helper provides 10% as security for five years.

Nationwide’s Family Deposit Mortgage. Where a helper borrows against their own home, and gifts that money to the young family member as a mortgage deposit.

Yorkshire Building Society Offset Plus Deal. Where a helper offsets their savings against the young person’s mortgage balance, to secure better interest rates.

There is Hope

Still, it can absolutely be done and we have more people today showing you how, than we did when things were so called easier.

The English Housing Survey revealed that 41 percent of people in the 25-34 age bracket live in a property they own, with the same percentage living in private rental properties. This is the first time, in more than ten years, that homeownership rates in millennials have increased. -2018 to 2019 study.

I was recently featured in a docuseries, called Property Insiders by Propertyin12, with fellow entrepreneurs in the property industry trailblazing a legacy and taking people with them.

Find yourself a good mentor, who has already jumped through the hoops and can show you how to avoid the traps they fell in.