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When “Opportunity Knocks”​

The title of this article was inspired by a British talent show, originally hosted by Hughie Green called Opportunity Knocks. I used to enjoy watching this programme with my family. It was one that most families back then watched. I remember being in the playground with my friends and talking about the show and every child thinking one day an opportunity will knock for me. Many stars were born out of there.

Today I wonder how many opportunities did knock for us later in life. Did we catch them all? The worst thing would have been to miss one or be too afraid to take it when it knocked. I certainly know I caught one of mine and I talk about it briefly on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey.  

So last Sunday on November 15th, I had the pleasure of joining the amazing Nicky Patrick on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey along with my business partner, Delores Coombs, to discuss very briefly our journey to Property Development and where it all began. 

It is no secret that my partnership with Delores emerged as a result of an unintentional email that she sent to me but wasn’t actually for me! This led to us partnering up to, essentially, find homes for young people that are in need of housing and looked after by the Borough. Eventually, we decided to step outside of our comfort zones and try our hand at buying and renting this type of accommodation ourselves. 

Today, we still make mistakes but continue to learn as we pursue our Perfect. I always enjoy sharing our story as well as my personal experience as a Property Developer because there is hope it will encourage those who may be anxious or apprehensive to take their first step in their next pursuit. Especially with regards to women as I know many of us often feel deterred from certain career paths that seem male dominated and this is also something that Delores and I touched on in the interview. 

I’m delighted that I was able to once again share my story alongside my wonderful business partner and if you didn’t get a chance to tune in, you can find the interview in the ‘Download’ button below!