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Property with a purpose – not just brick slips and mortar

I’m proud to present my latest work in the video below. A pokey two bed unloved property in Croydon that we acquired at auction at the end of last year. A full gut out, additional back extension and a loft conversion in six months has produced somewhere liveable. The property now has three/four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a great kitchen lounge area and a nice garden. Today the first guests of this property will enjoy it instead of hotel accommodation. We have rented the property to a company that accommodates the families of young looked after adults when they travel from all over the UK to visit their children down south.

I cannot think of a better provider to rent it to. I hope all the families that will have short stays there will be comfortable. Let’s face it accommodation, I imagine is not going to be their primary concern for their visit but it may make things a little easier and that is the best I can hope for.