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Pinch Punch 1st of the month no return

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As we adjust to the ‘new way’ of working post soft lockdown, many of us may find that we are busier than we have ever been before because we have changed the way we work and things we are doing/offering and subsequently business is actually booming.  

I have come to the realisation that I cannot juggle so many balls and something has to give before I drop them all.

It’s the administration, book-keeping, research, booking meetings, templates, posting on social media and design elements that are all too time consuming. 

For a good few months I have been saying I need a VA but actually had no time to look for one.  That came to a head last week when I was kicked into action from admin overwhelm.  At that moment I was introduced to the amazing Isha, VA/PA extraordinaire.

So tell me what you want, what you really really want….VA or PA?

Ladies and gentlemen – I’m proud to introduce you to Isha Webber. Isha is a History and Sociology graduate with almost a decade of administrative experience from the media communications and charity sector. Isha believes she can ‘take tasks off your hands so you have more time to execute the vision’ – proudly telling anyone who would listen that she enjoys administration. During our first conversation, it was clear that Isha understood her strengths and was interested in finding out about my own working style – suggesting ways that we can work together in order to make the working relationship an enjoyable and mutually beneficial one.

The beauty of hiring a VA (but in my case a PA because I needed that physical contact) is their availability to tailor to your needs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Many VA’s have multiple clients and so don’t have much down time but have learnt to prioritise the urgent and important tasks first. A good VA remains flexible in terms of the when, as they know what works best for them and their client.  

If you have not considered a VA – what’s stopping, you? He or she will expand your capacity giving you space to work on strategy, direction, offering, delivery etc. 

Are you looking for a VA or maybe you have just found one and would like to share the experience. I’m interested to hear how it’s working.