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Do the right thing and stick to your values or do what is popular?

Often as business owners we don’t want to talk about or deal with controversial issues such as race because they may rock the boat of our customers, clients and staff so we avoid at all cost the conversation. It’s easier. 

Many will have seen the leaked footage yesterday showing moments before George Floyd was pinned to the ground and suffocated. Why did this information have to be leaked? It should have been part of the overall coverage and investigation. It adds a whole new realm of horror to an already devastating situation. Before George Floyd even got out of the car he had a gun pointing in his face. Many black people live with a gun pointing in their face on a daily basis as normal and business as usual. 

Please keep this issue alive through the Black Lives Matter campaign or through any other means open to you. Consider what you and your business is doing to combat racism. Call it out when you see it. It does not have to be as extreme as the clip below for you to take action.

Put it all into perspective