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Choose to Challenge

On International Women’s Day, I had the pleasure of speaking alongside @michelleoveens Baroness @tannigreythompson @matthancock @powellhowardalexis to the amazing F:Entrepreneur #ialso1002021 group of women that own amazing small businesses. The event was a celebration of greatness, gumption, and gutsiness. There was no doubt why these women had been selected this year by F:Entrepreneur.

In that moment it felt so wonderful to be part of the celebrations. I spoke a little about my journey and work but more importantly about my purpose.

To eradicate racism and for us to become a more equal society. It dawned on me that I was surrounded by such greatness and I wanted US to stand tall and lead the charge on stamping out this inequality. I felt if any bunch of women could do it, it would be this bunch coupled with a trailblazing bunch of property and Sistersnog women I know.

My plea is for us to stand together and call it out when we see it. Also let’s not shut the door on other women when we have gained a seat at the table. Let’s bring a fold up chair for another to join the conversation. Be reminded that women of colour are at a disadvantage and need YOUR participation and help to change that.

Over 100 years ago my ancestors could not breathe with chains around their necks as slaves. Only a few months ago George Floyd couldn’t breathe because he had a white police officer’s knee on his neck. Today we know that Meghan Markle suffered outright racism in the royal household. The palace ignored her mental health struggles because she was not like them. Like or loath her that is wrong and she chose to challenge it on IWD.

My point here is that : you can be an alleged petty fake money thief or a Royal – society still sees People of Colour as unequal.

I “Choose to Challenge” racism for International Women’s day which, I might add should be for much longer than a day!

Question why is this still happening today? What can you do about it? How can you guide your work colleagues, friends, children etc. What are you going to Choose to Challenge?

The Business of Black is a movement Marina Conway-Gordon and I founded to make these uncomfortable conversations more comfortable and to empower white people to call indifference out. I should just add that there are many black people that feel uncomfortable talking about this issue too. So let’s help each other. Join us on Tuesdays at 18:30 on Clubhouse.