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Today I’m taking part in #BoostYourBrandIntropost by Aarti Parmar – Brand Strategist to help people get a better insight into me and what you can expect if you follow or connect with me. Feel free to join in.

Aarti’s four questions are:

1. What can people expect to read about in my feed?

Here on LI I post on a Wednesday (ok ok – I’ll do better) about Property Property and more Property (if I’m not moaning about the broken Planning Regime or bad auction choices).

🏠 Property 1 : Mentoring. Property is a lonely place and a good mentor is worth their weight in gold to help navigate the pitfalls and challenges of this complexed landscape.

🏠 Property 2 : Development and construction. Building ground up. The journey/the cost/the joy/the stress

🏠 Property 3 : Investment. Being a socially conscious landlord and renting to those who are disadvantaged and don’t tick all the boxes. #

And that’s just the beginning.

I also write about my passions. Racism/Equality and young people today. I would like to feel that before my lights go out I would have contributed in some small way to creating a more balanced society where young people have a chance to get on to the property ladder and the colour of your skin does not hold you back from your path.

2. What type of clients do I most love working with?

✅Those READY to go in property. Ie those who have some form of investment (small is ok); understand risk and want to learn, earn and eventually own.

✅I also love to work with/rent to disadvantaged tenants who turn their lives around through having a roof over their head and step into greatness.

3. Which part of the world am I posting from?

I am posting from South London. Close to my property patch in Croydon.

4. Something that’s on my bucket list to do, be or have?

🏝Dream travel destinations include Mustique in the Caribbean and Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.

👩🏽‍🏫 I’ve been honoured to be invited to preach, 3 times now and want to explore that calling deeper.

🗣 Some day pull off a show stopping TEDTalk.

Time Out – I’m dropping the 🎤🙌🏾

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