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Becoming an entrepreneur

To tie in with International Women’s Day last month I was lucky enough to be invited by @TideBank to be a panellist in their Masterclass series alongside three other amazing women @fentrepreneur @thefloatspa @bambooclub

@Tidebanking as a bank have a mission to support women into entrepreneurship.  That recording is attached. 

Reflecting on my quote above I question what else could we be doing as small business owners to help others who may not have the confidence or are young and don’t see others who look like them being entrepreneurs?

One of my passions is helping others to take a step on to the housing ladder. Particularly those disadvantaged who have grown up never believing they could own their own homes because their parents didn’t. Imagine the sense of joy being led to own your own business too.

Let’s not forget that we didn’t start off by being entrepreneurs.  Many of us have had quite a long journey to arrive where we are today and some not by design but circumstance as in my own case. 

So, what is the golden nugget that would have made all the difference at the start of your journey?