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Attending a Black History Month event, at No.10!

I had the pleasure of attending No 10 on Monday courtesy of BEIS, the Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy in celebration of Black History Month.

It’s taken me two days to write a serious post on here, still coming down from the high of the event which applauded young black talent. Our future. It was so uplifting to be a part of this at No.10 with esteemed guests Duwayne Brooks, Darren Henry MP, Roni Savage etc and of course the PM himself Boris Johnson.

Also invited was the amazing Multi-Award winning and trailblazing Delight Mapasure  who is an I:entrepreneur sister part of the wonderful Small Business Britain community. Thank you for all you do for us and for championing small business.

View From My Window is all about dreaming big and lifting others and that is what I want to do right now by acknowledging the huge success of Delight Mapasure this year. May she continue to be an inspiration not only to young people but to all of us. Keep shining brightly my friend.

Who are you lifting today?