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All we need is love

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So it’s arrived. The month of lurve. Three days in and already it’s slipping by.

February is a month I love for many reasons:

  • January is over
  • It’s a short month
  • It’s Valentines
  • Direct Debit renewals for appliances and insurances all done
  • New Year’s resolutions are a thing of the past (and if not, happy days)!

However, it is also a month that has caused me much pain over the years. The 11th being the day of my mum’s passing all those years ago when I was only 16.

So back to celebration. Let me share with you a property with a purpose.

Seneca Road was a two bedroom flat in desperate need of a refurb. The project took 8 weeks to complete which was pretty impressive. I’d initially planned for it to be a 4 to 5 month renovation. With investors involved that made me even more determined to drive this project forward at great speed to exceed expectations.  

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So what did we do? We added additional space to the bathroom by doing away with an unnecessary ensuite; we took away the tiny kitchen and incorporated it into the lounge area; we updated the wiring, plumbing, central heating and paid attention to the finish. We maintained the traditional feel of the property (cornices, architraves and dado rails) and blended it into the refreshed contemporary look of an integrated handleless kitchen. 

In a nutshell we increased the value of the property by turning a two bed into a three bed with a great garden accessed from both bedrooms and the kitchen. This achieved a decent additional uplift per month but more importantly the property was rented immediately to an organisation that houses young, vulnerable adults desperate for accommodation and they are making good use of the additional space. 

I always love before and after pics because it demonstrates the journey, the challenges and the end achievement.

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