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360 Degree Me

Once upon a time I was a was a high-flying career woman working in major law firms in the City. My role straddled business development and marketing. It was fast paced, furiously hectic, unbelievably challenging and incredibly stimulating. I was client facing, conducting reviews, running events, sharing my marketing prowess and building practice areas with Partners and their teams. The days started early. They finished late but had a regular ebb and flow.

There was a pattern to the day and a rhythm to the week. A working wardrobe hung neatly on hangers alongside my professional persona. And like the majority of my team-mates and co-workers, my evenings and weekends were a mystery to everyone but a select few, who straddled my personal and professional life.

Then two things happened. First I said goodbye to Nine to Five and hello to the life of a Property Developer. Second I started to swim in the social media pond where the neat dividing line between personal and professional lives seemed to have blurred or even completely flown out of the window.

This got me thinking as I found myself getting to know an awful lot about people I’d never even met. Mainly names and personalities within the property sector. Which was now my stomping ground. Some I gravitated to. Others I found myself moving away from. All as a result of what they were posting and sharing.

How much of the real YOU should you reveal?

Recently I attended a Business Breakfast where a Brand Called YOU was the topic on the table. It’s no longer a case of ‘who do you know’ and more of a case of ‘who knows YOU’. How much of YOU should you be sharing with social pals who you may have never met but who can tune into your world by simply following you on Instagram, friending you on Facebook or linking up on LinkedIn?

Keep it real

The consensus over breakfast last week was that being ‘authentic’ has become an overused buzz word that’s lost its gravitas. Let’s just keep it real because real stories resonate. They’re bound to cross the divide but as long as we’re posting and sharing truisms and realisms it really shouldn’t matter whether it’s personal or professional. Just don’t let it all hang out by amplifying the drama. By the same token don’t be all buttoned-up and proper. Hints and insights gleaned as a result of daily antics and mishaps can inspire, inform and really help someone following your digital footprint.

Paint a picture of YOU 

Balance is the key. You could be at a Property Awards ceremony or attending a glittering property dinner, You could be wearing a hard hat on site or a bobble hat for a Sunday stroll in the park. Or you could be having a business lunch with a potential Joint Venture partner or celebrating your partners milestone birthday. All of the above are made for sharing. 

We’re all complex and colourful. So embrace social media by showing your true colours. Perhaps the line is less about personal or professional but more about emotional vs rational. 

Would you like to meet brand YOU at a party or a property seminar? If you want people to understand you, know you, like you and trust you then invite them to the 360 degree YOU and let them see the world from your window!