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“Young people today have such a tough time, on every level. If people have a roof over their head, everything shifts for them.” 

Lorraine Thomas is a risk-taking, change-making, life-enhancing visionary. She took a leap from a successful career in business development for the legal sector to property development, where one of her key focuses is helping young disadvantaged adults get on the ladder. 

Over half of the investment property that Lorraine renovates through her company, View from My Window, has a social element attached to it and part of her business focuses on encouraging a new breed of landlord with a social conscious. 

“When my parents first came to this country, when they knocked on that door and there were those signs saying, ‘No dogs, no Irish, no blacks’, somebody took a chance on them and said ‘okay you can rent a room with me’. I want to be that person today. We are taking a chance on people who other landlords wouldn’t,” she explains.

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Challenges of Young People today – good news in tough times

View from my window is all about lifting others. It provides Property with Purpose putting a roof over the heads of those some landlords would run a mile from. We are proud to say that amongst other disadvantaged groups; we accommodate young adults who are going through a tough time and often looked after by the Borough.

So why are young people disproportionately up against it? I’ll highlight some of the major challenges in a moment. However, first some good news which prompted me to write this article in celebration rather than doom and gloom.

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One of my daughter’s best friends, Nicole Elkington following sixth form decided to take an apprenticeship locally. She originally wanted to go to university to study law but decided university wasn’t for her. My daughter Tia who actually wanted to do an apprenticeship did a U-turn and went off to University in Birmingham instead. They swapped positions.

Nicole’s first apprenticeship position didn’t work out so she decided to leave. Like many young people she had to think long and hard about her next steps. Back to college, find another job, remain unemployed etc. She decided to look for work and after being told NO a few times she picked herself up and changed direction. She applied to Ryanair. Yes an airline during the pandemic! Very clever. She knew that one day they would be flying again to full capacity when this pandemic was over. Her forward thinking, flexibility and determination paid off.

After weeks of training and preparation she passed, got through and holds that well earned certificate today. She is now one of Ryanair’s cabin crew and has found her wings.

So if you are reading this as a young person or the parent of a young person who doesn’t quite know what to do especially during this pandemic don’t lose hope. ‘Pivot’ and look for something outside of your comfort zone or original thought process. It may be that you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to start your own business. Whatever it is perhaps look at getting a mentor to help you find your wings.

Challenges at a glance that Young People today are facing

Education – Research conducted by YMCA found that 44% of young people have concerns about their studies and exam pressures. Living life last year online added to the stress.

Financial instability – As university and housing costs rise, young people are unable to easily chart a course for their future. Many young people are faced with remaining at home after school or university.

Employment – with COVID Young People are often last in so first out in the workplace. Research shows that young ethnic minorities will find themselves in far greater numbers out of work during and following the pandemic.

Mental Health crisis – More young people than ever are experiencing mental health difficulties. This can affect all areas of their life: home, school, friendships and relationships. The stigma surrounding mental health still exists too.

Social Media – and all the drawbacks it brings with needing to be on it but it causing low self-esteem, body issues, privacy issues. The challenges are complex and varied.

Peer Pressure – missing out or not fitting in. Gang related issues, violence and group issues too all add to their peer pressure.

Body image – anxieties impact the lives of many young people. This ties in with social media and the impact that has.

Climate Change – It’s no surprise that some of the most visible and outspoken climate change activists are teenagers or young adults. They view it as an urgent problem that needs immediate action.

Uncertainty – over the future is a major concern for many young people. The future for them and their families following COVID.

With all of the above let’s support our young people. The pressures this generation of young people face is significantly different to any other.

Becoming an entrepreneur

To tie in with International Women’s Day last month I was lucky enough to be invited by @TideBank to be a panellist in their Masterclass series alongside three other amazing women @fentrepreneur @thefloatspa @bambooclub

@Tidebanking as a bank have a mission to support women into entrepreneurship.  That recording is attached. 

Reflecting on my quote above I question what else could we be doing as small business owners to help others who may not have the confidence or are young and don’t see others who look like them being entrepreneurs?

One of my passions is helping others to take a step on to the housing ladder. Particularly those disadvantaged who have grown up never believing they could own their own homes because their parents didn’t. Imagine the sense of joy being led to own your own business too.

Let’s not forget that we didn’t start off by being entrepreneurs.  Many of us have had quite a long journey to arrive where we are today and some not by design but circumstance as in my own case. 

So, what is the golden nugget that would have made all the difference at the start of your journey?

A year ago (March 2020 pre-Covid) Delores and I were invited to speak to the Property Hustle about getting our 9 unit development in Croydon,
Fountain Gates CR7 off the ground.

Now six weeks off the project completing we look back at what we said then. A lot has changed! At the time of making this video the content was correct.

Stay connected for our completion video. We are grateful for all the help we’ve received throughout the project. Not only on build, architecture, planning, utilities etc (far too many to mention) but other individuals that have and are continuing to support us through.

I mention just a handful: Hallcroft Finance, Ademchic, Claire Norwood, Ben Walpole, Dave Buxton BSc(Hons) MCIArb, Naomi Rowland, Jikoa Monu, Solicitor, Veronica Mark LLM Property Solicitor and Legal Expert, Aldene Derrick, Faith Locken MRICS MSc, Scott Marks

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